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Support & Operations

Continental Continues to Invest in Artificial Intelligence

Support & Operations, / 4th Sep, 2019
  • Continental has acquired a minority stake in Israeli start-up Cartica AI, a software company in the field of artificial intelligence
  • Cartica AI develops algorithms to accelerate machine learning
  • In addition to its own research and scientific partnerships, the participation forms the third pillar of Continental’s activitie


Support & Operations, / 8th Mar, 2019

Thomson Reuters introduced a bold, new legal workflow solution that enables firms to plan, manage and execute legal matters with data-driven confidence. A cloud-based system, Thomson Reuters PanoramicTM is built on the strong foundation of Practical Law’s legal guidance and 3E’s market-leading financial management syst…

In 2019 the Threat is “Everywhere Malware”, Not just...

Support & Operations, / 2nd Mar, 2019

This time last year, we said that 2018 would be the year of mobile malware.

Today at MWC, we’re calling 2019 the year of everywhere malware.

In their quest for profit, criminals are constantly forced to shift their tactics and adapt to a changing mobile market. Take crypto-mining, for example. A year ago this was a relatively hassle-…

Planning for the RFP Storm…

Support & Operations, / 19th Feb, 2019

Last week, in our 2nd instalment in our blog series ‘Planning for the RFP storm’, we talked about the types of questions firms should be aski

MWC 2019: Why 5G + Fortnite = a win-win for criminals

Support & Operations, / 18th Feb, 2019

So apparently, the company behind Fortnite has so much cash that it’s forming a $100 million prize fund for upcoming competitions. It’s ha…

Weightmans reduces security noise while strengthening...

Support & Operations, / 5th Feb, 2019

With a formidable reputation and heritage as a Top 45 law firm in the U.K., Weightmans LLP needed its security operations and data protection to …

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