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Confidence in regulation – Keynote address to the...

Support & Operations, / 23rd Jun, 2017

This is a conference* about ‘trust in the market’ and building confidence within the sphere of legal services regulation.  I shall therefore open with the observation (or reminder) that regulation is a public intervention in otherwise private transactions and free markets.  It must therefore stem from a political jud…

Show me the money – Financial Services Need to Rethink...

Support & Operations, / 22nd Jun, 2017

Financial institutions are under attack. As gatekeepers to consumers’ and enterprises’ most personal and private information, this industry serves as one of the most lucrative avenues for cybercriminals to pursue. In response, financial services organizations have developed unsustainable security infrastructures th…

50% reduction in transcription turnaround times within...

Support & Operations, / 14th Jun, 2017

Fee Earners and Support Staff at law firm Cooper Wilkinson are reaping the benefits from the firm’s recent investment in best-in-class technology.

Forward-thinking law firm, Cooper Wilkinson Limited, has been established for over 100 years and is based in rural Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. With a head count of 17, they speci…

Is WannaCry Really Ransomware?

Support & Operations, / 12th Jun, 2017

This post summarizes the significant efforts of a McAfee threat research team that has been relentless in its efforts to gain a deeper understa

Pricing: Hit ‘Send’ and Hope for The Best

Support & Operations, / 8th Jun, 2017

A face-to-face request is 34 times more successful than an email, which begs the question, why do we persist in conducting our primary price neg

An Analysis of the WANNACRY Ransomware outbreak

Support & Operations, / 22nd May, 2017

Charles McFarland was a co-author to this blog

Over the course of Friday the 12th of May we received multiple reports of organizations across mu…

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