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Welcome to DELTAS

An ethical group dedicated to promoting Diversity & Excellence in Legal Technology And Security.

The primary objective of DELTAS is to eliminate barriers within education & training whilst increasing employment opportunities for people from all backgrounds and lifestyles.

Headed by a panel of influential professionals from the world of legal technology, DELTAS is dedicated to overcoming employment barriers within legal technology and cyber security. Our aim is to strengthen education, awareness and employment whilst eliminating bias associated with:

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Disability
  • Age
  • Faith
  • Sexual Orientation

With the support of the profession, DELTAS is also dedicated to encouraging and nurturing our younger generation of legal technology professionals.


With influence from the original founders of Ladies in LegalIT, DELTAS was created by a group who are passionate about creating change within the legal IT community.

Over the last thirty years, despite tremendous progress being made in Equality & Diversity within our everyday lives, a vast portion of professionals don’t believe that this is the case within the Legal IT community. Whether it be through media bias, education, personal experiences or individual expectations, diversity is still a challenge and one that we are moving to change.

The DELTAS Panel:

Jacqueline de Rojas CBE – President of TechUK

Bruna Pellicci – Head of IT, Ashurst

Abby Ewan – IT Director, BLM

Janet Day – Consultant

Mabel Evans – IT Director, Field Fisher

Thereza Snyman – IT Director, Kingsley Napley

Christel Aguila – Head of IT / Partner, Winkworth Sherwood

Ann Hemming – Implementation Consultant, LexisNexis

Frances Armstrong, Managing Director, Netlaw Media

Becoming a Member of DELTAS:

Membership of DELTAS is open for all individuals who are working full time within legal services (Private Practice, Chambers, In-House and ALSP’s) or individuals in full time education and looking to enter the legal IT community. To enquire about becoming a member of DELTAS, fill in the form below.

Becoming a Corporate Partner of DELTAS:

Corporate Partnership is open to any business which believes in the importance of diversity. Our corporate partner packages range from Gold, Silver and Bronze levels. To enquiry about becoming a Corporate Partner of DELTAS, fill in the form below or contact Netlaw Media on Tel: 0044 (0)20 3176 4200


IMPORTANT: DELTAS is an ethical group run by the members of the DELTAS Panel in association with Netlaw Media – No other person, business or association other than the listed Panel Members and Netlaw Media is involved in the running of this charter.

Our Partners