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Support & Operations

The Science of Price Sensitivity – Yep, It’s A...

Support & Operations, / 3rd Nov, 2018

One of the many shortcomings in our current approach to pricing legal services is the preoccupation with merely pricing the job. While at face v

Peace of mind: Delivering excellent client service with...

Support & Operations, / 25th Oct, 2018

BD Mediation offers family mediation services for separation and divorce in the West Berkshire area. With over 20 years of experience in helpi…

‘Operation Oceansalt’ Delivers Wave After Wave

Support & Operations, / 18th Oct, 2018

A wall eight feet high with three strands of barbed wire is considered sufficient to deter a determined intruder, at least according to the advi

An independent review of legal services regulation

Support & Operations, / 17th Oct, 2018

he announcements are out, and the work has started!  I’m honoured to be leading a fundamental review of the current regulatory framework f…

Political Figures Differ Online: Names of Trump, Obama,...

Support & Operations, / 20th Sep, 2018

Politics and ransomware. No, it’s not a lost single from the Oasis back catalogue, but in fact a relatively recent tactic by ransomware devel

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